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Mid-day Dog Walking
Sometimes it’s difficult for dogs to be home alone during the day, especially if an owner has to work long hours. Puppy Love will be happy to accomodate mid-day visits to your pet, to furnish expert, loving attention to their need for physical activity and dog care.

  • We will exercise your dog with a 20-30 minute walk.
  • We conduct walks in locations that are familiar to your pets.
  • We schedule the same walker for each visit to your dog.
  • We offer discounts for one or more walks scheduled during the same week.

Overnight and Other Services
If you plan to be out of town, a Puppy Love pet sitter can come to your home several times a day to care for your pet. If you prefer house sitting services, a Puppy Love pet sitter can stay overnight with your pet, keep an eye on the security of your home, collect mail and newspapers, water plants and perform other needed services.

Cat Care
Puppy Love offers cat sitting services too! We can feed your cat, change the litter-tray, and arrange play time to suit your pet’s needs, whether it’s twice a day or once a week.


Registration is free and involves a short informational meeting at your home. During the meeting, we cover Puppy Love's policies and procedures and collect the necessary information concerning your pet(s) history and needs. At this time we will obtain information regarding home security and your contact information.  This meeting is also your opportunity to get to know us and ask any questions you may have. We will do everything we can to provide you with peace of mind and reassurance that your pet(s) will receive the best of care.   


Weekly (minimum 1 visit per week)
  1 dog - $20 per visit 2 dogs - $24 per visit
Periodically (no minimum required - includes rate for cat care)
  $26 per visit  
Overnight Stays
  $100 per 24 hour period

Call us at 202-337-8456 for an estimate based on your unique situation.