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Puppy Love Personnel

All Puppy Love pet care personnel are carefully screened and experienced with animals. Because they are all current or former pet owners, they understand the responsibility involved in caring for animals.

Puppy Love petsitters are bonded and our company is insured. The company is a member of the National Association of Pet Sitters International. References are available upon request.

Puppy Love Owner

Josh grew up in DC and returned after college. He was working as a dog walker when he purchased Puppy Love from the original owner in 1993. Since then, Josh has cared for thousands of wonderful pets in the metro area. He lives in DC with his family and their Giant Schnauzer, Bart.


Puppy Love Manager

Will came to DC in 2000 to help develop a new media business. He started walking dogs with Puppy Love to supplement his income while working in film and project management. In 2004 Josh asked Will to help manage Puppy Love and several other small businesses. It was Will's dream job. He lives in DC with his rescued dog and cat.


Friendship Heights

Brett has just moved back to the area, and has started working with us again, after a short stint away. He says that walking dogs for Puppy Love has been his favorite job thus far. When Brett's not walking dogs, he plays music and runs a small record company based in Washington, DC.



Britton worked for Puppy Love a couple of years ago, and then took time off to study music while traveling through India. He's been back in DC for a while, still studying various forms of music, and has returned to Puppy Love as one of our pet sitters downtown.


Wesley Heights/Palisades

Caitlyn graduated from the Corcoran College of Art and Design, having studied drawing and painting. In addition to her interest in two dimensional art, Caitlyn also teaches piano and plays keyboards in a band.



Chris attended NYU and while living in New York City worked as a dog walker in the Big Apple. He is currently studying International Relations at American University.


Chevy Chase DC

Dustin was a professional in line skater, which drew him away from Puppy Love a few years ago and took him to California to compete professionally. While in California, he began working in film and video. He returned to DC and is now working on a documentary in addition to returning to Puppy Love as a pet sitter.



Elizabeth is originally from Baltimore, MD and moved to DC over a year ago after finishing school. Along with walking dogs she is a freelance illustrator, and her work can be seen at and


Wesley Heights/Glover Park

Greg was born and raised in Washington, DC. In addition to pet care, he also works for a small Green Building firm developing marketing materials and overseeing projects. When he's not at work, he's likely biking, running, or kayaking on the Potomac.


Chevy Chase DC/MD

Jamie is originally from Olney, MD, and recently graduated from the University of Maryland with a BA in American Studies. When she is not walking dogs, she enjoys volunteering for local women's health nonprofits and cooking vegan meals to support animal compassion.


Columbia Heights

Kim is a DC native and, after moving all over the place, is having the time of her life being back home. She loves riding bikes and running, being a food nerd, and has the best 2 y/o Vizsla dog! Kim is a multimedia artist with the collective Bored of Trade. Check out her work at



Lee plays music in bands, that you may not have heard of yet... In addition to walking clients' dogs for a living, Lee also has his own Rat Terrier dog, named "Max." He holds two college degrees, and hopes to one day put them to use!


Wesley Heights

Luis was a busy executive at a national corporation before an accident left him unable to walk or work for many months. A dog lover since childhood, Luis heard about an opportunity at Puppy Love and thought it would be a great way to exercise his leg while reinventing his career. Luis is currently working on a book, enjoys spending time with his one year old, and loves trekking.


Logan/Dupont Circle

Matt has been in Washington, DC for 15 years and has been working for Puppy Love as a dog walker for several of those. In addition to walking dogs, Matt plays in a rock band and also bartends at The Palace of Wonders in NE, Washington, DC.



Mike is a motorcycle, and cycling enthusiast, and likes to cook when he's not walking dogs, or on one of his bikes.


Van Ness/Tenley Town

Pierrette used to live by the bay, but has since moved on to graduate from the Corcoran College of Art and Design in 2008, as a painting major. She currently lives in a wooden mansion with her friends in the DC area. When she is not walking dogs, she is painting, making art, playing the ukulele or viola, and is trying to cook, with varying degrees of success.